In ukraine's
darkest hour,
you can help
her sons to see

Project SIRIN is a direct supply initiative providing Ukrainian special operations units with desperately needed night vision and thermal optics — essential to carrying out operations against a numerically-superior Russian military currently involved in the rape, torture, and murder of thousands of civilians.

Every dollar donated to the Project SIRIN goes directly to procuring, transporting, and distributing of night vision equipment. And unlike some other organizations, our team is made up of special ops personnel on the ground in Ukraine, so you can be sure the job will get done right.

Time is of the essence.

Will you help Ukrainians defend their very right to exist?

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OP LYBID - Supply A Dozen Spec Ops Units w/ State of The Art NODs, Thermals, and Drones

Raised so far:
/ $250,000
Donate Funds

Project SIRIN has Ukrainian SBU operators on the ground working to assess needs by various Ukrainian military special ops teams.

Project SIRIN has a backbone of logistical expertise provided by elite US Army combat veterans and their trusted suppliers.

Once the supplies have reached Ukraine, Project SIRIN also utilizes SBU operators to efficiently coordinate distribution.


Thank you to the following partners for their valued assistance in making Project SIRIN and its operations a reality.


Owned and operated by former US Army Special Forces (Green Berets), One 7 Six has emerged as one of the most vocal advocates for the defense of Ukraine within the special ops community.

The War Club

The War Club is a direct night vision and tactical laser supplier, well trusted by the United States' and greater western special ops community. As our number one, go-to supplier, they are an essential partner for our success.


This logistics and tech hardware distribution company operating out of Bosnia has been instrumental in securing Project SIRIN deals with European manufacturers and helping us foster positive relationships within the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.


Delta Level Solutions is an emerging international security consulting firm co-founded by two retired Delta Force operators, bringing a combined 45+ years of spec ops background to critical logistics solutions and risk mitigation services.


Our sister initiative within the Ukraine February Fund — Project 24th provides broader non-lethal aid to Ukrainian military units and civilian communities, including medical supplies, plate carriers with armor, and water filtration devices.


A leader in veteran support fundraising initiatives, FOG is also well known for its semi-regular publication of print volumes containing photos and reflections by warriors on deployment the world over.

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